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Fix My Pain Membership

You Broke You,  Now YOU Fix You

We Teach You How!


for only $19.99/month

The Fix My Pain Membership Includes:

Detailed visual aids on HOW the body is built and WHY it hurts.

Pain Self Assessment tutorial for each pain causing region.

Easy to follow video content for treatment of your pain.

Everyday Awareness reminders!

In-app forum where you can connect with our coaches for any extra questions you may have.

Access to our Complete Video Library

Discounts on our 1:1 virtual sessions with our coaches!

What You Will Achieve






Fix My Pain Membership

You Broke You,  Now You Fix You

We Teach You How!


for only $19.99/month

What's included with the

Systemic approach for pain release

Learn How your body is built, Why you’re in pain & How you can assess, as well as treat your own specific Pain! There is a famous quote by Ida Rolf that states: “Where you think it is, it AIN’T!” It means where you feel the pain, is caused by an issue further up or down the chain within the system. 

Everyday Awareness Reminders

Consistency is key when it comes to resolving your pain. Stay engaged, aware and entertained with our everyday awareness notifications. We'll help you build better habits one day at the time! Musculoskeletal Pain is a function of misALiGNment and misALiGNment is a function of a lack of awareness. So we tackle your pain from multiple angles, with our System as well as daily reminders to help you stay consistent.

Access to our in-app community

Pain is not a "one size fits all" condition. As humans, our bodies and movements are unique. We are confident that our ALiGN System will help most of you, most of the time. In the spirit of that uniqueness, if going through the ALiGN System doesn't fully help you with your pain, then we want to provide you with additional resources. For any further questions you can visit our Forum section where we connect our community with our coaches, in a seamless  way!


Are you adding more content or is this it?

We are adding more content everyday. We aim to keep it simple and to the point so as not to confuse you with the amazing complexities of the human body. If there is something specific you are interested in learning more about,  simply get in-touch with us.

Can I use this if I just tore something?

There is a period of inflammation and tissue healing that needs to be respected immediately after on acute injury. Following the period of inflammation, providing the injured area with neuromuscular stimulus (ALiGN reposition) has been shown to speed up recovery.

How do you measure success?

Our measure of success is you becoming your own expert, learning to assess your pain and using our framework to get yourself out of pain.

What discount do you offer for 1:1 virtual sessions?

You can add as many 1:1 virtual sessions to your membership as you need. If you are a "Fix My Pain" Member then we will extend a 20% discount for each virtual session you book.

Can I cancel my membership whenever I want?

Yes. Your membership can be canceled from your account whenever you would like. You will still have access until the end of the month you paid for.

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