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Fix My Movement Membership


We Teach You How!


for only $19.99/month

The Fix My Movement Membership Includes:

Detailed programming on achieving long term strength and mobility goals

Unlimited access to all our existing and upcoming courses

Easy to follow along video content detailing what to do as well as what not to do 

Daily movement practices for home or office!

In-app forum where you can connect with our coaches for any extra questions you may have.

Discounts on our 1:1 virtual sessions with our coaches!

Access to our Complete Video Library

What You Will Achieve






Fix My Movement Membership


We Teach You How!


for only $19.99/month

What's included with the

Diverse courses to help you reach your movement goals

We all have different goals with our physical pursuits. Some of us are just learning to exercise, some are training to improve at certain sports, others are trying to learn how to counteract the effects of a desk job. Regardless what your goals are, we have you covered with short or long term programs designed to help you Move SMART so that you can Live BETTER !

Detailed explanations for what to do as well as what not to do

Not all movement is created equal. Moving our bodies is always better than being inactive. But purposeful movement, understanding how to correctly perform movements is key to building a solid foundation for your physical activity. Equally important is an understanding of what not to do. We value quality over quantity, a functional pain free body over exercising only one muscle group for vanity's sake.

Daily Habits Tutorials to use in the Morning at Work and in the Evening

We've created short, easy to follow tutorials that addresses basic movement needs that you may have throughout the day. Whether in the morning, at work or in the evening, we decided to help you run out of excuses to not move at least for a few minutes throughout your busy day :-)


Are you adding more content or is this it?

We are adding more content everyday. If there is something specific you are interested in learning more about,  simply get in-touch with us at

How do you measure success?

Our measure of success is you learning how to correctly perform movements, learning why these movements are necessary and what benefits they give you. Lastly, we hope to get you to feel comfortable  to start helping others with their movement should you need to.

What discount do you offer for 1:1 virtual sessions?

You can add as many 1:1 virtual sessions to your membership as you need. If you are a "Fix My Movement" Member then we will extend a 20% discount for each virtual session you book.

Can I cancel my membership whenever I want?

Yes. Your membership can be canceled from your account whenever you would like. You will still have access until the end of the month you paid for.

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