You have a serious pain problem and it’s seriously costing you.

People suffering from pain have decreased productivity, work satisfaction and higher health care costs. Common pain conditions such as arthritis, back pain, headache, and other musculoskeletal disorders result in over $61 billion in lower productivity for U.S. workers*.

ALiGN's education based & metrics driven approach addresses poor movement patterns throughout daily work and personal routines via 360 assessments, live workshops, ongoing coaching  and technology solutions. 


Science has proven that when companies prioritize the physical, mental and emotional well-being of their employees, it produces a positive impact on stress management and quality of life.


Our education based and metrics driven approach motivates employees to stick with the ALiGN plan. As they feel better, their focus and attention span will improve, along with your company's productivity.


Create a stronger community by empowering your employees with body awareness and knowledge. Witness them form the accountability structure necessary for the well being of the entire team.

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