Do you know how to use your body?

We empower people with the knowledge necessary to manage their own movement quality and live Pain-free lives.

ALIGN System


We built a system in order to put a logical structure around our approach to movement. It is our strong belief that the body can fix itself if the body is in alignment. Moving the body back into alignment is a 3 step process built on a foundation of breath work.

Step 1:Release

Release accumulated tension in order to allow for better joint positioning

Step 2: Reposition

Learn to actively reposition your joints into optimal alignment

Step 3: Reengage

Teach your muscles to reengage in an optimal sequence that holds the least amount of tension.

Foundation: The Breath

The breath is the single most neglected yet the single most important part of our lives. It helps with our sleep, anxiety, recovery, level of effort and postural alignment. 


     Align Release     


This step in our system is designed to provide pain and tension relief. It is the tension in our bodies that pull the joints out of alignment. We hold tension in the body for several reasons. Some of those reasons are:


  1. Lack of postural awareness. We spend tons of time in positions that put strain on our joints, and we’re not even aware of it. We include sleeping in bad positions here too

  2. Poor form when exercising. There’s a disproportionate focus on quantity vs quality in the majority of ‘fitness’ programs out there 

  3. Compensations due to trauma. An injury will force us to use other body parts more to compensate for the lack of mobility or stability in the injured structure. This will create a negative domino effect on the compensating structure.

  4. Sports where a lack of alignment or favoring only one side of the body, or only certain body parts, offer a competitive advantage (boxing, climbing, golf, Brazilian jiu jitsu, archery etc)

  5. Stress


     Align Reposition     


This step in the system is the glue that ties in Align Release and Align Engage. 


It helps further release any tissue adhesions  while actively reviving the neuromuscular  pathways between the  brain and the joint capsules


The body is an adaptation machine. It will dedicate resources to positions that we are in all the time and it will take away resources from positions that we do not favor. 

The result  is that we will lose active range of motion in those positions that we are never in. Our neuromuscular pathways literally shrink away and to the bare minimum needed to function. Imagine that in some ranges of motion that you favor, the neuromuscular pathways look like 5 lane highways while in ranges of motion you’re rarely in they look like unpaved dirt roads. 


This lack of range of motion contributes to misalignment. 


     Align Reengage     

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