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Movement Basics

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WHO should take this course and WHY? Just as babies must crawl before they walk, all movements should be performed in a smart progression, from the simple to the complex. As tempting as it might be to start your movement practice with stuff like pushups, jump squats or any torturous latest instagram challenge you’ve noticed, please don’t. Be smart about your movement, build it up progressively and injury free. If you do, you’re guaranteed to become the badass you've been feeling you are all along. The goal of this course is to help you learn the building blocks of movement, the very foundation upon which other more complex movements are built. If you’re new to exercising then the course is a perfect starting point because: 1. It explains crucial movement mechanics concepts that are relevant for anyone at any age, across any movements not just exercising. 2. It teaches not only WHAT exercises to perform but also HOW to perform them correctly and WHAT to avoid when performing them. 3. It builds proper movement progressions over 6 weeks. You’re going to learn how to MOVE smart, as we say. If you’re not new to exercising, then this will likely help you improve your movement by highlighting concepts you may not yet be familiar with.You will also learn how to progress or regress your current movement practice based on what your body needs or how it feels on any given day. Length of time: 6 weeks / 3 days a week Time per day: 45-90 minutes including warm up and cool down

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