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Fix my Shoulder Pain

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The Majority of Shoulder pain issues are due to the intricate nerve clusters between your arm and your neck being compressed irritated and/or impinged. These nerve clusters come through a tight space, a “pinch point”, connecting from the neck to the arm, through the collarbone, ribcage and the shoulder-blade. In this course, we aim to keep it simple and to the point. We will only cover the most relevant components of this joint complex, the ones that are responsible for the majority of movement quality. There is a portion of cases where Shoulder pain is due to tissue damage on the structures themselves (bone, muscles, tendons, ligaments and cartilage). In these cases, there is a period of inflammation and tissue healing that needs to be respected immediately after an acute injury. Following the period of inflammation, providing the injured area with neuromuscular stimulus (ALiGN reposition) has been shown to speed up recovery.

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